Hidden Wiki: The heart of Tor network

The Hidden Wiki is a website that uses hidden services available through the Tor network. The site has a collection of links to other .onion sites, and encyclopedia articles in a wiki format.

Hidden Wiki snapshot

There you can easily find a lot of onion links for many criminal services, illegal content and also for cool and interesting stuff.

There is an interesting article about the Matrix what is worth of reading. Probably I'm going to publish it soon.

Here is some interesting links one can see on Hidden Wiki:

  • Paypal heaven: A place selling stollen paypal accounts with cash on it.
  • Silk road: The biggest black market in the world.
  • Contract a killer: A hitman for rent. He kills your problem.
  • Gun guy's den: Sells fire guns (only for the US and Canada).
  • Tor library: 47GB of pdf files. I really enjoy it.
There is many other links for interesting and curious things. Visit Hidden Wiki with the url bellow:

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