Welcome to the Onionland!

So you are curious and anxious to get into deep web? Well, here you are going to find all you need to surf in these deep waters.

First of all, why do you want to be on deep web?

Most of begginers are looking for cp (child porn) or for ways to buy weed, candy or other drugs. Others are just curious.

Deepweb is not so horrible or scary as it is present by some idiots from surface. No. However, of course, there is a lot of criminal acts at your hands when you get into dw.

Let's leave behind the shit and start surfing together.

You are going to surf in the Tor network. All links (urls) from Tor finish with ".onion". If you try to access a .onion link on your internet, you will not be able to visit that site. No. Wanna try? Try to click this link:


As you could notice, this site does not works on your 'regular' internet. Another interesting thing is that the link is a mess, almost impossible to keep it on mind.
Now, let's really visit a .onion site.
You MUST download the Tor client. Click here to download the client.

After you install, start the program. After it is connected, a portable version of Mozilla will appers. This is the browser for surfing on Tor network.
Now, copy and paste the link ay5kwknh6znfmcbb.onion/torbook/ into your Tor browser and visit this site.

This is the Torbook, a very popular place to share informations and to learn some shit. You can loggin only after creating a username with password.


Well, this is it. You are anonymous on the deep web. Now you have to start visiting some sites. Always bookmark the links of your interest! ALWAYS!

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